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       Marchand de Linge 瑪商 Platinum

       Special customized- Slabbinck

       瑪商獨家代理客製化比利時品牌 SLABBINCK 於 1903 年由 Hendrik
       Slabbinck 創立於比利時布魯日,累積近一世紀製作梵蒂岡教皇及皇室
       貴族服飾的經驗,傳承到第四代 Mirabel 推出寢具與桌布等織品,以代
       務 ( 細節、刺繡、設計 ) 皆為專屬獨享。
       Slabbinck every style can be custom-made in any colour, fabric or size. We
       consider our collection merely a starting point, an inspiration if you wish,
       from where the personal taste of the customer takes over… This way our
       exclusive styles can be perfectly adapted to fit your interior.
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